Letter to the Editor – Can Covid-19 measures really alleviate the industry’s pressures?

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Can Covid-19 measures really alleviate the industry’s pressures?


Dear Sir,

I run a family Seaside Amusement arcade (FEC) in Prestatyn. I am the third generation in the business. It is a seasonal business that trades from March to October.

I like a lot of businesses have been ordered to close which I understand. If social distancing rules are enforced for 6 months, I will lose my year’s trading completely.

I shut my doors last October 2019 and now may not open until March 2021.

The measures announced yesterday by the first minister send you to the development bank of Wales eligibility checker in order to see if I qualify for a loan.

It then lists tobacco, production of weapons and ammunition and any areas that give rise to significant environmental impact or are ethically or morally controversial and Gambling as areas that they won’t do business with.

I am registered with the local authority and the Gambling Commission I find it unbelievable that my family business is treated the same as producers of weapons and ammunition.

How are we expected to survive? It would be a loan not a gift. I find this prejudice unbelievable in this “we are all in it together times”.

I would be interested in your thoughts

Kind regards

Michael Webber



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