Instance Automatics praised for charitable donations

Ian Eason Instance Automatics
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Instance Automatics has been helping those requiring personal sanitisation products through a number of charitable donations.


Managing director, Ian Eason, has not only been sending out shipments of hand sanitiser to those in need, but has personally donated stock to a number of local causes helping quell the spread of Covid-19.

“Can I just give a massive shout out to Ian Eason for the delivery of hand sanitiser that he donated and was delivered today for my local coronavirus support group,” commented industry figure Debbie Hough-Bollard.

“We really appreciate this much needed resource and the sweets were a lovely surprise and will go out with food bank deliveries to some of the poorest in our village.”

Eason himself added: “We all need to help each other out in times of need like these, there’s always people worse off than we are too, and it’s a nice feeling helping someone, we should all do it more.”

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