Arcade owners warned to empty machines during lockdown

Business arcade owners need support
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The Arcade and Pub Fraud Alert Group has urged operators to ensure all machines are visibly empty and all stock cleared from venues during the Coronavirus lockdown.


The Facebook group posted the alert after an attempted break in at a Skegness arcade, which saw the site’s shutters damaged as thieves tried to gain access while it was closed.

“Definitely time to make sure all your machines are empty, and left open with signs stating so,” said the group. “First attempted break in at an arcade in the Skegness area last night.”

The Group noted the warning was “just a reminder” to fellow operators to do the same, adding “we knew it was coming, just a matter of time.”

Commenting on the post, a fellow Skegness arcade operator said: “I’ve put signs outside saying they are empty, and put ‘check our Facebook page,’ and we have put pictures of the empty machines on there, so they know they are empty.”

BNAE business account manager Craig Clough added: “I would remove all stock including cleaning supplies.”

Though no successful attempts at entering currently empty arcade properties have been recorded, operators are advised to remain vigilant.

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