Scarborough Wheel to return… probably

Scarborough Wheel
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The company that operated a 32-meter high wheel on the former site of the Futurist Theatre in Scarborough has won the tender to return to the same position this coming summer, Coronavirus restrictions permitting.


Observation Wheel UK successfully ran the attraction during 2019’s high season, and has been green-lit by Scarborough Council to return in tandem with a new minigolf course.

Whilst the wheel itself will be unchanged in terms of capacity (with a max holding of 144 passengers spread across 24 enclosed gondolas), the Captain Jack’s Adventure Golf attraction represents a new addition – to be setup directly adjacent to the wheel.

“It will be themed around pirates, the seaside and shipwrecks,” read planning documents submitted to local legislators.

The papers went on to describe the course as featuring themed fibreglass ornaments like “pirate boats, barrels and palm trees.” The operator has said taken together, the course will present visitors with a “fully immersive experience.”

Of course, the timeline as to the wheel’s return to the Scarborough front is now anyone’s guess. It had been slated to be up-and-running by April 4, but emergency containment legislation is likely to see this date pushed back by several months – a fate to be shared by most British business.

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