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Coinslot, the world’s only amusements and low stake gaming weekly is suspending publication of its print edition as the industry comes to terms with the shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


Widely regarded as the amusements industry bible and read avidly by all sectors of the business including by gaming regulators and politicians, Coinslot will be published in a digital version with a news service continuing online at Coinslot Digital is available for just £30/year and free to all current print subscribers and bacta members.

To register for your free copy or to subscribe to this service simply email

It’s business but not as usual. These are unprecedented times and with the entire industry effectively mothballed we have taken the decision to focus our efforts on producing Coinslot Digital as we provide our readers with a flow of reliable and trusted information at the same time as supporting the actions of our trade bodies as they help navigate the best route forward.

In common with the businesses of our readers, revenues coming into Coinslot have effectively ceased which has made the suspension of our print operation inevitable. Rest assured we will continue to publish (albeit in a digital format) and we will continue to do our best to serve the industry and to represent the industry.

When the dust has settled and we all have a better understanding of the ‘new normal’ we will review the situation in partnership with all of our stakeholders comprising readers and advertisers.

In the meantime please keep us fully updated with your news, views, frustrations and opinions – including how you are coping with the lockdown and your planning for the future. There’s also lots of examples of the industry doing some really positive things in the community and Coinslot is committed to reporting on those positives and communicating them to the broadest possible audience. In addition our letters column is a great place to get things off your chest, spark debate and get your point across.

Many thanks for the kind words of support that we have received and together we can get through this!

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