Bongo’s brings its bingo online

Bongos Bingo online
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Following the restrictions placed on communal social activity across the UK, Bongo’s Bingo has brought its popular bingo evening online, allowing players across the country to compete for prizes worth up to £2,500.


The lateral take on traditional bingo is being broadcast every two days via live streaming platform Twitch, allowing players to both mark off their numbers and socialise with friends from their own homes.

“So the official UK lockdown has begun, but there is no reason to be feeling blue,” said a spokesperson for Bongo’s Bingo. “We’re coming to you live from our ‘BongosBingo’ profile.”

“Say goodbye to the old FOMO, staying in-in is the new going out-out! We’re in this together.”

Players are able to generate their own unique card by removing the zero from the beginning of their phone number, before grouping the remaining ten numbers into pairs.

If one of the numbers is a duplicate, then players must increase it by one, with a win being claimed through a WhatsApp message containing the players name, location, and the word “Bingo” to 07517386930.

The online events also feature trademark Bongo’s Bingo elements, such as quizzes, sing-a-longs and ‘dog races,’ with the 28 March event offering the overall winner a £2,500 “isolation kit stuffed with prizes.”

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