TouchTunes pauses invoicing to ensure the beat goes on for pubs

Toby Hoyte TouchTunes
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In light of the current global pandemic surrounding Covid-19 and specifically following the UK government lockdown, SoundNet/TouchTunes has announced that it has paused invoicing for all of its jukeboxes in order to provide the best possible opportunity for the pub sector to recover later this Spring.


The response, which took affect from Saturday 21 March, 2020, will see all invoicing for jukeboxes on fixed fee agreements put on hold with those on percentage fee contract essentially paying zero due to the situation.

“This is an unprecedented situation but we are all in this together,” explained TouchTunes’ Sales and Marketing Manager, Toby Hoyte. “We have taken this action to ensure we all get through this and most importantly that all of our jukeboxes are primed and ready to instantly start generating income once the pub doors open again.”

During the current lockdown, all invoicing will be paused but SoundNet/TouchTunes will continue to supply updates to their machines both digitally and via its disc-based system. “We want to assure our customers that we are staying on top of all aspects of their machines during this, no matter what model or contract they are on. Obviously digital machines will continue to be updated during this time but for disc-based jukes even when we cannot send out updates, we will be providing special ‘catch-up’discs soon to ensure that every machine is primed to go once government restrictions are removed. We will also be halting any barring list restrictions for our customer base, again hoping to remove any unnecessary strain on the sector.”

Hoyte concluded: “We are invested in this industry and in it for the long haul, both as individuals and as a business. We are working tirelessly to safeguard the future of pubs and operators in these uncertain times and ensure everyone is in the best position to come out of this the other side.”

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