Prismatic: Polished, perfected, and still performing

Prismatic Cat C cabinets
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Following the release of new content, cabinets, and infills at EAG in January, Astra Games has shown its commitment to polishing all sides of its already market-leading Prismatic range.


Astra Games is not resting on last year’s success of its Prismatic range as the manufacturer continues to add value to the market-leading Cat C line.

During new owner Inspired’s debut EAG, Astra launched its latest digital compendium for the LoBoy cabinet, Uber, as well as Vert, a new cabinet style featuring two new game concepts, Charmed and Lazer Wheel. The fresh releases for 2020 highlight the company’s continued investment in big ideas, but Astra is equally focused on the finer details, as shown by its offer of flexible infills that enable customers to create the perfect set-up for their venue. It’s this attention to the minutiae, in all aspects of the range, that has made Prismatic resonate so well with players following the launch last year. Via positive industry feedback and outstanding cashbox figures, key decision makers across the country caught on to this fast, with Astra ending the year with over 3,000 units in the market.

“Prismatic established itself as the premium product for retailers in 2019, and that’s because we understand the players,” said Inspired’s Ian Shreeve. “From menu layout, to content mix, to consistency of RTP, we’re delivering an extremely user-friendly experience through a highly polished product, and it keeps players coming back.”

The numbers from last year back that up, with Prismatic’s introduction into the market transforming the finances of single site and pub operators up and down the country to the tune of some £10-12 million in extra cashbox revenue last year alone. New content and cabinets will build that figure further in 2020, as will the fact that more and more retailers are demanding additional volume due to the stunning performance of Prismatic – that digital can transform their sites.

“Prismatic has opened the door to digital for a lot of retailers who now see new opportunities to develop their gaming floor,” said Shreeve. “The pub retail market will hit 70 percent digital mark this year, and I’m confident this wouldn’t be possible without Prismatic’s influence. The cash box uplift it has delivered has exceeded all expectations, especially in sites that were previously thought to be low rental, reel based analogue positions.”

With a strong reception for its Uber and VERT releases at EAG, the Prismatic range’s success looks set to continue throughout 2020 with a high level of interest shown by the AGC and Bingo sectors. However, such plaudits for style and performance have not made Astra forget about practicalities. More and more, operators are upgrading and customising their venues in line with the changing trends of the market, and Astra has made sure the Prismatic range can fit perfectly into any set-up.

“Our flexible range of infills will fit between any of our Prismatic products to give a polished look to the layout and achieve the maximum aesthetic impact,” concluded Shreeve. “When it comes to the feel of a venue, it’s the small touches that make all the difference – especially with more and more operators adopting a ‘high end’ model. As the market leading product, Prismatic needs to be the perfect example of this mantra, and in 2020, while we’ve continued to broaden the range, we’ve not lost the attention to detail that has been instrumental to Prismatic’s success.”

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