Sex Pistol sets new music video in South Parade Pier arcade

South Parade Pier arcade
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Former Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook brought his current band to Southsea’s South Parade Pier recently, using the attraction’s arcade as the setting for a new music video.


Filming footage for upcoming track Twenty Twenty Vision, Cook and The Professionals performed live at the venue after it closed at 5pm, before reportedly trying the amusements for themselves.

“It’s been pretty eventful and pretty rushed,” Cook told The Portsmouth News.

“We got loads done.”

“We didn’t have much of an idea what we were going to do, we were kind of winging it once we got here and saw the set up. I think it’s worked out alright.”

Commenting on the performance, arcade manager Julie Collins said “it was only a couple of weeks ago they asked, it’s all moved quite quickly.”

“They’ve been a lovely bunch of guys, and it’s been lovely to have them here. I’m a big music fan too, so this is great.”

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