Showmen secure parliamentary consultation on Red Diesel

Showmen parliamentary consultation red diesel
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The Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain secured the support of Margaret Ferrier MP in calling for the Red Diesel tax rebate to be extended to the showmen community, following the removal of entitlements announced in the Budget.


Putting a question to the Ministry for Transport, the Member for Rutherglen and Hamilton West asked for the plight of the SGGB and its members to be considered in upcoming consultation into the allowable uses of the fuel.

“Fairs and shows are an important industry in my constituency, yet showmen face crippling increases in fuel duty on the red diesel that they use for power generating equipment,” said Ferrier.

“Will the Minister make representations to her colleagues in the Treasury to exempt the fairground industry from the planned increase, to protect the livelihoods of this unique and vibrant community?”

Despite Minister Rachel Maclean MP not providing a definite answer as to whether the subsidy would continue after the April 2022 cut off, the Red Book detailed that further government consultation will consider “public entertainment” for potential exemption extension.

The parliamentary question follows a campaign by chairman of the Scottish Section of the SGGB Alex James Colquhoun, part of a wider drive by showmen to protect the use of Red Diesel for NRM use.

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