Blackpool piers face “real concern” from shifting sands

Blackpool piers
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The owner of Blackpool’s three piers has warned that shifting sands on the Lancashire coastline could prove “a real concern” for the iconic landmarks.


Peter Sedgwick, who acquired the trio of piers in 2015, has stated that previously protected steel foundations are now in danger from a “daunting” drop in sand levels.

“The sand is falling so much around the piers it’s showing the bottoms of the legs that haven’t been seen for years,” Sedgwick told the Blackpool Gazette. “They were set in concrete, and the concrete is on show, it’s dropped that low.”

“Since the sea wall defences were upgraded about seven years ago, it was noted that the sand levels were dropping around the piers year on year, especially down at South Pier. We monitor the steel under the piers and we noticed we were getting steel exposed where the sand had been sat for many years previously.”

Recent storms have significantly exacerbated the problem, with levels falling one foot since the beginning of the year, despite Sedgwick using machinery to refill the affected areas.

“It’s daunting to see how much the sands are shifting,” added Sedgwick. “If it keeps dropping as it has done and we keep getting these violent storms, it could become a real concern for us.”

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