Cashless key to redemption growth for Semnox

Kiran Karanki Semnox Cashless key to redemption growth
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As redemption operators and manufacturers across the country begin to fully appreciate the capacity of cashless to streamline and enhance the game play process, Semnox CEO Kiran Karanki told Coinslot how the Mangalore-based firm is setting the trend.


With redemption set to continue its upward trajectory through this year and beyond, cashless and site management systems specialist Semnox is keeping a keen eye on how integration in the sector is driving expansion.

Building on a successful return to this year’s EAG, CEO Kiran Karanki spoke to Coinslot about how careful observation of redemption trends is helping the company stay one step ahead of the competition.

“From discussions with the key operators, the redemption game machines are going to rule in the roost in 2020,” said Karanki. “They have an enduring value, and the manufacturers and operators are figuring out ways to make the offering more compelling and competitive.”

With amusement and arcade operators always keen to offer customers a unique experience unavailable at home, Semnox is ensuring the competitive social element of redemption is at the forefront of its product development.

“One key innovation that is developing is the ability to compete against other players. There is an increasing focus on creating teams and leaderboards, and we are working with a number of our customers where they are trying to take the winning scores and then comparing it against the others playing the same game.”

“This is creating a more competitive environment in the location. Further, the operators are allowing groups to come in, set themselves as teams and compete against one another. We believe this trend will continue to evolve.”

However, it’s not just the way people play that is affecting the shape of the market, but how the entire amusement experience is streamlined and developed, evolving the ticket redemption process to better integrate advances in modern technology.

“Operators are looking at ways to optimise the ticket redemption process, and Baytek’s Prize hub is an example where the guests are able to self-serve. Now our system is integrated with Prize hub, the customers can redeem the tickets on the card using the Prize hub.”

“Similarly, we introduced the Redemption Kiosk, where the customers are able to choose the gifts and complete the order. The order is then processed in the store and the customer collects it as soon as it’s ready. Similarly, redemption via the mobile app is being discussed and explored.”

With Semnox set to expand its offering, Karanki believes the company’s experience in cashless solutions will prove key to future success, as amusement sites embrace the multiple ways cashless systems can improve operations and customer engagement.

“The cashless payment solutions brings a number of options to improve the redemption game experience, the basis of all of it is being able to identify the customer and their activities, and the foundation for the same is the cashless payment solution.

“Our solution, Parafait, drives this intelligence gathering, which not only simplifies the life of the customer, but also allows the operators to innovate; whether it be with scoring systems or with the ticket redeeming process.”

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