Harry Levy redemption flying high

Harry Levy Butterfly and Angry Birds Redemption
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Having performed well since their respective releases, the Harry Levy Butterfly pusher and Angry Birds stomper are now set to make their mark in the coming summer season.


Two of the best-performing redemption titles from the Harry Levy Amusements portfolio this season are Butterfly and Angry Birds.

The six-player Butterfly pusher features a massive butterfly-shaped top box which glows in ever-changing colours to create the perfect arcade centrepiece.

However, this pusher is not all about good looks, it also boasts a super bonus feature when all the letters of the word BUTTERFLY are lit, as well as an exciting hi/lo feature, to keep players even more entertained.

“We have taken a significant number of orders for Butterfly since EAG as people are obviously very taken with the good looks of the piece and the fact that it has ticket as well as cash payout. Those that have gone onto site now are performing incredibly well,” said Steve Vardy, sales manager of Harry Levy Amusements.

Angry Birds uses a classic stomper format combined with recognisable characters from what is considered one of the most successful mobile video-games ever released. As the green pigs light up on the forward-facing section, players must follow the sequence with their feet to rack up more and more points.

This cabinet brings a physical element to the world-famous Angry Birds franchise, which has seen numerous video games, scores of merchandise, a television series and two feature-length movies.

“With the original mobile game reaching billions of people across the globe, this Angry Birds cabinet from Harry Levy draws crowds wherever it is placed. Featuring colourful characters and a clear digital scoreboard, this stomping game puts a modern twist on an arcade classic as the Angry Bird franchise celebrates 10 years of ongoing success,” added Vardy.

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