NSM Curve jukebox becomes record breaker

NSM Curve jukebox
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NSM’s Curve is rewriting the record books after enjoying the most successful introduction of any NSM jukebox in the digital era.


In just 90 days, The Curve has sold out its first two batches of 100 unit runs and will begin shipping around the UK this month. It the first time that the initial shipment of an NSM jukebox has sold out since 2007 and the third batch looks set to follow suit.

Clearly enthused by the response, NSM’s Alex Kirby noted:“While we were confident that the industry would respond positively to The Curve, the reaction has been operator and licensee away from the office.

Co-Pilot communicates financial, security and usage data while offering the chance to access/control background music and advert creation. Co-Pilot also doubles up as a remote control so the licensee can reject or adjust the music volume all from their phone or tablet.

Similarly, NSM’s My Jukebox App puts the jukebox in the hands of the end user, allowing customers to select their favourite tracks from the comfort of their seat without the fear of others judging their music tastes.

Kirby added: “The Curve’s internet connection and software allows us to future proof the product. As an example, click rate feedback tells us how customers search for and find their chosen song, data that will drive product development in the future.

The Curve allows us to learn, develop and create new jukebox solutions in a way we’ve never done before.” Like their successful Thunder and Lighting jukeboxes, The Curve comes with the option of contactless payment from multiple providers.

The jukebox also comes standard with a 500GB solid state hard drive and delivers exceptional reliability and sound quality combined with amazing music content and the Official Big Top 40 Charts.

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