Playnation hone redemption experience with Walk in Prize Shop

Playnation Peter Davies
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Ahead of the opening of a brand new Walk in Prize Shop at Haven’s Craig Tara Holiday Park, Playnation MD Peter Davies told Coinslot how continued investment in machines, prizes and teams keeps the company ahead of the curve.


Heavy investment in machines, prizes and teams has seen redemption become a cornerstone of Playnation operated venues, ensuring they continue to deliver a “first class experience.”

Talking to Coinslot, managing director Peter Davies highlights the new Walk in Prize Shop developed in conjuction with Bourne Leisure in a joint venture as an example of how honed the redemption experience has become.

“Redemption is hugely important to Playnation,” said Davies. “In many venues the ticket offer is now the cornerstone of the overall customer offer, our guests now have high expectations from us, and particularly in our holiday park locations it’s a staple family activity.”

“Understandably, it’s an area where we continue to heavily invest and like recent seasons we’re anticipating significant growth again this year.”

As part of that ongoing investment across the estate, Playnation have unsurprisingly developed a keen eye for what contributes to a successful redemption site, with a particular focus on moving the market forward.

“While traditional games continue to be popular, we’re seeing growth in line with our investment strategy, particularly with interactive games such as Rainbow and Connect Four Hoops and other exciting products developed by our sister brand Bulldog Games”

“Games where people can compete with friends and family as well as the offer itself are proving very popular with all ages.”

It is that inclusion of new technology that has contributed so significantly to the renewed appeal of redemption across the country, something the company is not only keeping well abreast off, but taking an active role in pushing forward.

“Technical advances have played a very important part in the sustained success of redemption, improving reliability and the customer experience. This has been further improved by the fact that game innovation has evolved immensely over recent years. People don’t just want to win, they want to be entertained.”

“I’ve no doubt we will continue to see further advancements in this category. As a company we’re constantly looking at ways we can influence our redemption offer, it’s not all about the machines; our product team constantly evaluates the success of prizes so that we can learn what’s desirable and replicate that knowledge across the business.”

One development that Davies sees as fundamental for ongoing growth is for UK consumers to fully embrace cashless and digital ticket systems, which the director notes “will help us to evolve their playing experience.”

“There’s nothing quite like winning something, so ensuring that this positive experience is continued throughout the whole process, is really important. A well trained and attentive team along with a simple and effective ticketing system are also fundamental.”

Of course, desirable prizes are also a key draw for any customer, be they adult or child, and with that appeal in mind, Playnation and Bourne Leisure have opened the new Walk in Prize Shop at Haven’s Craig Tara Holiday Park in Ayrshire, Scotland.

“We see this as a real enhancement of the overall experience where the desire is created by allowing people to get up close to the product,” said Davies. “Novelty items such as fluffy sand and any similar YouTube crazes will continue to impress as always, the key is to find something a little different and be the first to have it.”

The opening of the Walk in Prize Shop is testament to Playnation’s wide ranging investment strategy, which focuses not only on machines and prizes, but also how the teams behind the site interact with the equipment and customers to ensure great player experience.

“We recognised that if we want to see continued growth in this category then investment in our team has to take priority. As machine innovation and prize purchasing continues to evolve, we need to constantly evaluate and develop our teams on site.”

“Our people and development team have played a huge role in transforming this area of the business for us in recent years. A great example this year being to support our first Walk in Shop where we are developing specific training modules, which give our people the skill sets and confidence to deliver a first class guest experience.”

“All of this is complimented by our seasonal promotional campaign which enhances the overall offer with some added fun and rewards.”

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