Tickets2Wishes: A win/win situation

Bacta Tickets2Wishes Win Win
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Tickets2Wishes is a wonderful scheme which benefits everyone – the arcade, the customer and of course Rays of Sunshine children and their families.


The Ticket2Wishes concept couldn’t be simpler – arcades receive a kit from Bacta and collect any unused or spare tickets that customers have won, which are then converted into money.

A redemption counter is the best possible place for all kids to learn about giving as well as receiving. While enjoying family time, children and their parents are at their most receptive to the idea of donating their spare tickets in order to help other families, less fortunate than themselves.

“Recently, Andy King of Rays of Sunshine sent me this picture of one of their Wish Children, Sullivan, who had just been on holiday to Butlins in Skegness with his family,” said Bacta President James Miller. “His mum said that Sullivan and his sisters spent all week long saving their arcade tickets to donate through Tickets 2 Wishes at the end because he wanted other children to enjoy a wish like his own.”

Brighton Pier recently hosted a Tickets2Wishes VIP day, where their local MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, joined Rays of Sunshine families and local press for an event which highlighted the Tickets2Wishes scheme, the charitable work of the pier and most importantly, also gave several families a wonderful day out.

Neil Blackmore, marketing manager at Brighton Pier, said: “We were proud to host Cameron, Hunter and their families. The work Rays of Sunshine does is so inspiring and we’re extremely proud as a local family business to be a part of Bacta and the Tickets2Wishes campaign to help other families and create important memories for them.” “We would like to thank all the Bacta members who have kits and who collect tickets for Tickets2Wishes,” added Bacta CEO John White.

“We would also like to add a special thank you to all of those who have hosted, or will host a VIP day for Rays of Sunshine families. This is a scheme which can only serve to burnish the credentials of those involved in order to benefit this wonderful charity and we urge those who have not taken up a kit or who might want to host, to get in touch. The value in terms of positive PR, the boost to staff morale and most importantly to the Rays of Sunshine families is really undeniable.”

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