Polymer £20 security features make their mark

new polymer £20 note
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To coincide with the launch of the new polymer £20 note, much attention has been drawn to the security features in order to help cash handling operators identify counterfeit examples.


The third in the line of the UK’s polymer note incarnations, following the £5 in 2016, and the £10 in 2017, the new note – featuring the portrait of English Romantic artist JMW Turner – entered circulation on 20 February.

And it has some headturners on the security front. The Morning Advertiser advised British publicans: “A hologram image alters if you tilt the note from side to side, the words should change between ‘twenty’ and ‘pounds.’”

“Operators should also check the metallic image over the main window and the foil is blue and gold on the front and silver on the back. There should also be a second, smaller window in the bottom corner of the note.”

The notes also feature a portrait of the Queen on the window, with £20 Bank of England printed twice round the edge.

A silver foil patch on the front of the note contains a 3D image of the coronation crown, while on reverse the purple foil patch contains the letter T.

The Bank of England name will be printed in raised font, while the number 20 should appear red and green under UV light.

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