Liverpool planners approve Bongo’s Bingo site

Bongo's Bingo planning permission granted
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Liverpool City Council has approved planning permission for Content, a warehouse in the city’s Baltic Triangle, to serve as the home of Bongo’s Bingo.


Despite already operating for six months, planners fully approved the multi-event space on 18 February, allowing the venue to host music, live performance and bingo for five years.

“The warehouse has been constructed and the use has commenced,” stated the planning submission. “The proposal is for the warehouse to operate as a multi-use space that offers music, concerts, a dance hall and bingo.”

“The main event is Bongo’s Bingo, a twist on traditional bingo as it is provided alongside entertainment events which offer comedy, music, dancing and performances by featured guest artists.”

Now officially located at the Cain’s Brewery Village venue, Bongo’s Bingo was originally conceived at local nightclub Camp and Furnace in 2015.

Despite the latest planning approval, a High Court dispute is still ongoing between Camp and Furnace, and Bongo’s Bingo founder Jonathan Lacey, as to who owns the rights to the event.

A judgement is expected to be delivered by the court later this year, with Camp and Furnace having removed all the Bongo’s Bingo branding from its venue until a decision is made.

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