SAM Leisure puts quality first ahead of “revolutionary” launch

SAM Leisure quality first
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As one of the UK’s leading pool, air hockey, and table football manufacturers, SAM Leisure is well placed to identify – and act on – the latest developments in the market. With a new first-in-the-industry multi-game table set for testing, MD Gary Drage told Coinslot how quality keeps the company on top.


Ahead of the launch of a “revolutionary” new product for the pool and snooker market, SAM Leisure MD Gary Drage spoke to Coinslot about how the market is shaping up – and where the industry is headed.

With the first few months of this year already proving positive for the company, SAM’s fine balance of high-quality craftsmanship, responsive development, and the integration of the latest technology looks set to keep its products at the top of an ever-expanding industry.

“The beginning of 2020 has been solid, very consistent, and seen a broad section of customer base,” said MD Gary Drage.

“We’ve seen a big uplift in the bowling sector, where a lot of the sites out there have our machines, and the pub marketplace continues to see good growth in American Pool.”

Once considered the necessarily larger alternative to British tables, American tables are increasingly appealing to venues looking to increase cashbox revenue.

“People are a bit more responsive to American Pool now. The marketplace is understanding that it’s a quicker game, so you’ve only two tables in an environment you get more throughput of individuals, more games, and ultimately more cashbox.”

“People assume American tables are much larger than British tables, but we offer American Pool in 5ft to 9ft coin-op models, and with bigger pockets and quick to pick up gameplay, it suits a broader spectrum of players.”

With American Pool undeniably well-established in the market, and the popularity of all social table games enjoying a resurgence, SAM is also keen to ensure that the reliability and timelessness of its tables is complemented through the adoption of the latest technology.

“There’s definite growth in the contactless side for us. We’re now doing pool tables, air hockeys, and table footballs with contactless payment solutions,” said Drage.

“We’ve got a number of operators onboard that have put these into sites, all of which have seen an increase in revenue. The pubs and student environments are very focused on turning over to American Pool and contactless.”

With such a demand in the marketplace, SAM Leisure hasn’t been slow to integrate contactless solutions into its products, offering a choice of modern and traditional solutions for operators eager to embrace new payment methods without sacrificing style and quality.

“The Magno is gaining the most traction in the marketplace as contactless. It’s a modern style table, with lots of different veneer options, and it’s a very attractive product.”

“We also offer a traditional table, the Royal Class, which has wooden turned legs and a wooden cabinet. It’s more of a classic furniture piece, but with the twist that it does have modern features like contactless.”

As well as staying ahead of the curve when it comes to payment options, SAM is also on the cusp of unveiling a brand new “revolutionary” product, the Snooker Pool Table, allowing customers to play both pool and snooker on the same cabinet for the first time.

Using a proprietary double ball drawer design, and featuring LED lighting, custom branded graphics, 7ft to 8ft sizing and the popular timed-play operating system, the SPT is already set to enter testing, before its launch in the not-too-distant future.

“This is very, very new,” said Drage. “It’s been under development for a year – it’s still a prototype, but we’re very close. It’s going to be a revolutionary product.”

“With SAM’s build quality, we know it’s going to be solid and reliable, last forever, and perform to the nth degree.”

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