Cains hopes to be the Talk of the Town

Playtime Amusements David Cain
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An arcade operator is looking as though it may expand and revitalise a down-and-out pub on the Isle of Sheppey, with plans in the works to turn the place into a hybrid arcade come fish-and-chip shop.


Cains Amusements, which operates under the Playtime Amusements brand in Leysdown-on-Sea, is situated right next door to the Talk of the Town: a once popular seafront public house which closed its doors permanently last year.

But the Talk could get a new lease on life should the FEC’s owner David Cain get his way, with the director having filed a change-of-use application to Swale Council which would permit him to knock through the wall separating the two premises, allowing both for the expansion of the arcade with the addition of a brand new chippie.

The former boozer was slated to go up for auction with a guideline price of £350,000 last year, but Cain jumped the gun and purchased the property outright in September.

“Sheppey is calling out for a seafood restaurant on the seafront,” he told Kent Online last week. “We also wanted to save the Talk of the Town from falling into disrepair because it is such an iconic building.” To this end, Cain said he hoped local planners would recognise that his plan “ticked all the boxes.”

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