Alphamax dominates at ICE 2020

Alphamax Blueprint Nicola Wallbank
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Though 2019 will be a hard year to beat for Blueprint, the popularity of the supplier’s product range at ICE this year could ensure 2020 also proves a landmark year.


Following a phenomenally successful year in the wake of Blueprint’s “comeback show” at ACOS 2019, the Gauselmann Group-owned supplier brought further updates to its cabinet range to ICE 2020.

The Newark-based firm showcased the Alphamax, Wave and Auroramax cabinets at this year’s show, with head of corporate accounts Nicola Wallbank stating Blueprint is going “from strength to strength.”

“We’re strengthening what we’ve done at ACOS and EAG with our three cabinet launches,” said Wallbank. “We’re showcasing the cabinet developments, with the V-Deck, faster processing power and edge-to-edge monitors making sure we’re on that curve of giving players what they want and moving with the times.”

Though the updated cabinet range proved popular, boasting as it does the brand new Auroramax and high-end premium product Wave, it was the Alphamax, first launched last year that continued to attract the most attention.

“The Alphamax – in both single site and AGC – is the standout product,” said Wallbank. “We’ve had a huge uplift from the changes we’ve made to the cabinet, edge-to-edge screen, better note acceptor, and a faster processing power on the Quixant, so that’s made a huge difference in cashbox and game performance.”

“It’s a result of listening to our customers as to what they wanted and needed for their operation, the order book is full with those going out at the moment.”

It is that willingness to take onboard customer feedback that allows Blueprint to keep delivering on development, with ICE proving a perfect opportunity to engage with both customers and the wider market.

“People want new innovations, and while we saw a lot of customers at EAG, everyone wants to come here to see what’s going on, what’s happening, what new things people are bringing to the market, and we can all learn from it.”

Blueprint’s presence on Gauselmann’s stand also helped drive interest at the show, with Wallbank adding its inclusion in the group assures potential clients that “it’s the best in build quality that’s coming through.”

“Being here on Gauselmann’s stand helps show how we operate across different countries, and the response has been really good.”

“We’ve had a fantastic show, and we just keep going from strength to strength.”

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