Bingo Association unveils new underage gambling prevention strategy

Bingo Association Age Verification Check
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The Age Check Certification Scheme has partnered with the Bingo Association to implement an industry-leading age verification programme across more than 440 establishments.


The trade association for all licensed bingo operators in Great Britain has announced that starting this month, it will initiate a test purchasing exercise to prove that its members conform to the highest industry standards of underage gambling prevention.

The Age Check Certification Scheme ensures that robust age check practices are followed by providers of age-restricted goods, content and services. This is achieved through a combination of robust processes, custom built technology and a team of fully qualified trading standards and audit professionals.

The Bingo Association said it partnered with the ACCS after recognising that it had “the experience, specialist resources and expertise” in place to support its age verification testing strategy, making them “an ideal partner.”

Test Purchasers will visit each association member to check that its establishment complies with the relevant legislation while also assessing its due diligence and monitoring activities. The tests themselves will be undertaken in accordance with the internationally recognised standard ISO 17065:2012.

“We are delighted to be working with Age Check Certification Scheme Ltd to manage the age verification scheme on behalf of The Bingo Association, to test whether our members operate an effective and robust AV system within their own businesses, in strict accordance with the provisions of the license conditions and codes of practise (LCCP),” remarked the BA’s head of governance and compliance Paul Swindon. “They also help us to achieve our wider obligation and social responsibility strategy to prevent underage gambling within the licensed bingo industry.”

Meanwhile, ACCS founder and chief executive Tony Allen added: “The Bingo Association knows that age-checking in gambling establishments has to be carefully considered and rigorously assessed – however they’re also aware that doing this properly requires a lot of specialist considerations and knowledge. Our extensive experience of age check verification processes and legislation made us the ideal partner, as we could help to prove that the Bingo Association’s members are meeting the very highest standards of underage gambling prevention.”


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