Exotic new homes for Pleasure Island’s rides

Pleasure Island Boomerang ride
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It may have shut down close to four years ago, but the legacy of Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes lives on: many of the theme park’s rides are still operational throughout the globe.


As previously covered in Coinslot, despite Pleasure Island having shut its doors permanently in 2016, several of its rides have been sold and shipped as far afield as Indonesia.

Indeed, both its Boomerang and Mini Mine Trains have now found a new home in the South East Asian country, whilst its Obliterator, Terror Rack, Astra Slide and Voltar rides are now all operating from the similarly unlikely destination of Baghdad, Iraq.

Meanwhile, the downward-facing Alakazam roller-coaster, which became something of a local favourite at Pleasure Island, can now be found in a new, refurbished form in Santiago, Chile, where it has been rebranded as the “Super Hero.”

Talking to local press, Pleasure Island archivist Alfie Lugsden said he was pleased so many of the park’s attractions had found a good home.

“The most shocking to me was the Astra Slide which had been presumed scrapped but now has reopened in Iraq,” he said. Speaking of the Boomerang’s new Indonesian- found fame, he added: “It’s an amazing place for the ride to be operating but I’m sad it has not remained in the UK for its past riders to continue to enjoy.”

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