Reflex Gaming’s market leading tech set for international stage

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With ‘A Step Into The Future’ being the theme of ICE London 2020, Reflex Gaming’s Quentin Stott is looking forward to demonstrating the company’s age verification and alternative payment solutions to the expo’s international audience of over 40,000 attendees.


Reflex Gaming will present its “market leading, on machine, age verification and alternative payment solutions” at this year’s ICE as the manufacturer and game developer target’s “a small number of international markets”.

Speaking to Coinslot ahead of the event, Reflex’s Quentin Stott, was hesitant to “crystal ball” what inventions the world’s largest gaming expo would conjure up this year, but as the new decade begins, Stott was confident that the low stake gaming industry in the UK would continue to see “the introduction of new SR measures being driven by technological innovation”. Reflex intends to be at the forefront of that drive, with its ICE stand set to present not only it’s usual exciting array of gaming terminals, but also solutions within those terminals that will enable the industry to step into the future, and be a step ahead of incoming legislation.

While increased SR measures seem inevitable as 2020 begins, so does an array of opportunities for the industry to expand. Stott sees ICE London as the perfect place to take advantage of these opportunities, with its global sphere of influence giving Reflex access to the international stage.

“As there is a truly international contingent at ICE, covering the full spectrum of the gambling space, ICE delivers the broadest possible customer and exhibitor base, making it the most exciting and energising event of Reflex’s calendar year,” said Stott. “Many UK gambling companies have either grown into international businesses, or have been acquired by major international businesses, therefore ICE is becoming ever more relevant for UK businesses.”

Of course, along with changes to the market and legislation that takes place in the UK, each international jurisdiction has its own industry and regulatory changes that ebb and flow. This means openings to expand into international markets can be relatively short-lived, with Stott detailing how Reflex target a small number of jurisdictions to make the most of each opportunity.

“International markets have always been important to UK based manufacturers, but opportunities have come and gone over the years due to regulation/legislation and incumbent businesses maturing to be able to satisfy their own domestic market needs. Online has changed that to some degree, with game content being offered across multiple international markets,” he said. “From a Reflex perspective, we are focusing on a small number of international markets where we see opportunities through working with well placed partners on the ground. Products are in development for three new markets and the results of our efforts will be established through 2020.”

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