Residents concerned over fate of Mumbles Pier mascots

Ameco Restoration Mumbles Pier mascots
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Swansea residents have expressed concern that the landmark figures of a Welsh Dragon and Nansi the ten-foot gorilla may not be returned to Mumbles Pier after restoration work is completed.


The rumours arose after pictures were published online of the two figures in a state of disrepair at the end of the 835ft structure, however, owners Ameco have spoken out to confirm the £3.2m project will restore as many features as possible.

“These are 40-year-old fibreglass figures which are currently situated where they are because that’s the unrestored part of the pier,” a spokesperson for Ameco told Wales Online. “The priority is to restore the pier along its length then look at what’s to be added.”

“I’m sure the owners will take a close look at what’s involved, there are a lot of memories associated with the features.”

One memory likely to be prominent is the 1999 incident which saw Nansi, then known as Norman, kidnapped by four balaclava-wearing thieves, only to be found later at a strip club on the south coast of England, clad in a bikini.

Though the police investigated, Swansea South CID detective inspector Tim Jones said at the time “we would not be human if we did not see the funny side of it.”

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