Roll-out the Barrel: TouchTunes move the dial with creative jukebox experience

Touchtunes Fusion Music System Barrell edition
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It’s an unconventional concept but effective; Soundnet/TouchTunes’ latest innovation is not only pricking up the ears, but catching the eye in a big way. The Fusion Music System Barrel Edition was unveiled at EAG last week, making an immediate impression on the London showfloor. With huge novelty appeal, expect a lot of talk about this latest jukebox initiative.


The prize for the most creative product on show at EAG 2020 must surely go to Soundnet/TouchTunes whose ‘Fusion Music System Barrel Edition’ represents a standout way of deploying the music experience and in the process developing significant new revenue streams for operators and something fresh for retailers.

The Fusion system leverages the Angelina platform and components featuring easy maintenance snap-in architecture. The Rigid Frame System with mounting anchor points represents a game changing design that keeps internal components electronically and physically secure, while independently providing solid mounting points for a custom enclosure. Fusion Music System can provide multiple brand opportunities to use the Fusion in any number of different branded cases.

In the specific version being shown at EAG there is an authentic wooden barrel exterior delivering a unique, interactive music offering that both enhances the customer experience and represents a talk about centrepiece feature within the venue. Following its launch at AMOA in March 2019, the Barrel Edition has succeeded in extending the jukebox market, taking it into a range of new and profitable locations including pub based micro breweries and tap rooms.

James Luck, Soundnet Commercial Director, believes the combination of a proven music interface and a creative, non-conventional approach to design will help operators expand their customer base in the UK. He explained: “The novelty appeal of the Barrel Edition could open doors to venues that previously haven’t seen the potential of having a jukebox. It’s a system designed to deliver a unique, interactive music experience that amplifies each venue’s special atmosphere.

“The Barrel edition creates a very strong first impression, it has great kerb appeal and it’s also a really effective, user friendly, advanced jukebox. There’s a proven mobile app that lets customers play music without leaving their seats and it offers an award-winning user experience. The app also allows venues to directly message customers, helping them to connect and build loyalty. Advanced music filtering enables venue management to control the genres, styles, artists and songs and for customers to select the music.”

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