FECs touted as “growth area” for 2020

FEC growth 2020 crane family entertainment centres
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Family Entertainment Centres could be an important source of growth for the industry across the continent this year if lawmakers can be educated about the realities of the leisure and soft gambling sectors.


That’s according to Jason Frost, president of Euromat, who has recently been working with national regulators to foster a better understanding of the sector and encourage less stringent regulation for operators.

Discussing new developments in the industry in 2020, Frost said: “I believe that one key growth area could be family entertainment centres. We have done some work with operators in France to try and get the law changed to allow the operation of redemption machines outside of travelling fairs, as the law for the moment is quite restrictive.

“Getting more countries to understand redemption and take a less draconian attitude to the product could help to boost the sector in Europe.”

Speaking to Coinslot in an exclusive interview this week, Frost said that while the outlook for FECs looked positive, increased taxation could have a negative impact on the industry in the coming year.

“Taxation is a fact of life but over taxation in our sector can drive consumers towards illegal gambling offers, damaging both the responsible operators and government income,” he explained.

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