“The UK is a good market for us”: Semnox champions cashless at EAG

Vinayaka Kamath Semnox EAG
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With Semnox hailing EAG as traditionally “a very successful event”, Coinslot spoke to Vinayaka Kamath, head of Semnox Middle East and Europe, about the cashless specialist’s presence at the 2020 event, how 2019 shaped up, and what the coming year could bring.


Coinslot: Why is it important for Semnox to be present at EAG this year?

Vinayaka Kamath: Trade shows are one of the major sources of lead generators, and EAG is the first major show of the year for us. We look at it as a great opportunity to meet our existing clients from the region in one place, get feedback from them about the system and promote any new products that we intend to launch. EAG is the time when most business owners in the UK and Europe finalise investments and business plans for the upcoming season. So, as a solution provider, this show is the best time to personally meet all our leads and prospects and take the discussion to its closure. Year on year, the EAG show has been a very successful event for us.

CS: How did trading fair during 2019 and what were Semnox’s stand-out moments?

VK: We had a good 2019 year overall. We have grown in terms of our business, our product offering portfolio and services. We recently completed implementation of our solution in Funtasia, one of the largest and most popular indoor theme parks in the Dublin region, while our existing clients are looking at our additional services, for instance Greenspace Leisure is starting to use the Semnox Online Booking Module. In terms of other significant developments, Funcity has also adopted Semnox Solutions across all its stores in India.

CS: What are the market trends that are catching your attention?

VK: The Industry is evolving towards digital management. We see an increased number of enquiries about cashless systems compared to previous years. We see awareness of the advantages of using a cashless system is not just growing in the UK but also in Europe. We are seeing most of our clients from this part of the world actively feeding back, and echoing the growing technology needs in facility management. This basically helps us further confirm our product enhancement and new offerings.

CS: If you were asked for three things the government needs to sort out for you now, what would they be?

VK: We’d like to see uniform (or standardised) financial and fiscal requirements region wise, initiatives to increase awareness/promote cashless system usage, and measures to introduce ease of doing business for foreign companies.

CS: With the UK’s exit from the EU now determined, how will this affect your business processes and plans going forward?

VK: The UK is a good market for us, having a good customer base that includes a few large arcades and parks, so from a pure play business standpoint we should continue to grow due to our good client base and case studies. Having said that, we are not sure how the new regulations might impact us due to Brexit. However, we hope these would be business friendly and continue to help us grow scale in this region.

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