Concerns raised over Gambling Commission administration

Gambling Commission Licensing
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Debbie Hough Bollard, founder of licensing consultancy Hough and Bollard, has expressed concern over the current administrative capabilities of the Gambling Commission.


The licensing and HR specialist told Coinslot that reduced staffing levels and frequent staff changes are causing difficulties for operators attempting to comply with regulation.

“I am concerned that there appears to be a shortage of licensing staff at the Commission, which is leading to delays with applications,” said Hough Bollard. “Many last year went beyond the time limits set by the Commission themselves.”

“The high turnover is also causing an issue as new staff do not have detailed knowledge of processes, and there has been a lack of consistency in processing even straightforward applications and knowing what is required.”

The comments come at an ambiguous time for the Commission; the regulator has been aggressively asserting itself throughout the McArthur era, oddly when it’s seemingly at its least able to fulfill the tasks that this policy requires. To the cynic, this will be seen as a GC land grab for more responsibilities and more money; to the more measured, it’s an unnecessary over-reach. To those at the sharp end, it’s a massive inconvenience.

All the more reason, then, for the new regulatory- light government to tackle the constraining conditions of the Gambling Act. Will 2020 bring a new vision to gambling regulation in the UK?

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