UDC hits the spot with EAG debuts

UDC Fast Gunman
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The United Distributing Company has brought two impressive new products to the EAG floor; the single player Fast Gunman shooting game and the Carnival Cups redemption unit.


Fast Gunman, a brand new single-player light gun shooting game, has been given its EAG debut by UDC.

In the new launch, players aim the gun at the lit-up bottles to shoot them down. When players shoot, they can see a red-laser point to gauge their shooting accuracy, but it’s only activated when they fire.

Each player starts with limited bullets and limited time to finish each level before progressing. The game is over should time or bullets run out, so participants must choose their strategy, do they conserve their shots or shoot fast and be bold? As the game progresses the difficulty increases with moving targets, lights that move position from second to second.

Bonus rounds are interspersed throughout the game where players can score extra points to win extra tickets. If they are skillful enough to make it to the end of the last level they win the big bonus taking away hundreds of tickets as a reward.

Should they fall short of your goal, players can choose to continue a game after losing by inserting an additional credit before the countdown at the end of the game reaches zero, a feature often found on video games.

Fast Gunman is a game that rewards accuracy and skill. It has a small footprint and, according to the company, “is priced to please”, following the UDC slogan of ‘More Punch for your Pound’.

“Fast Gunman certainly looks like a game that is simple to play but difficult to master,

Carnival Cups-UDC
Carnival Cups

demanding patience and practice and will likely encourage players to return for just one more go,” a UDC spokesman said.

The company will also be bringing the brand-new Carnival Cups ticket redemption game to London for its European debut. The premise of the game is straightforward enough, the player’s coloured ball is hidden under a single cup and then the crafty Jester switches it around with other cups. When the action stops you just need to select which cup holds your ball. It starts off easy enough and quickly escalates to a frantic speed.

The game can be played as a one or two player game, with both competing against the Jester with two balls in play. The tall cabinet features a large high-definition flat screen and a charming cabinet design that is reminiscent of the carnival stalls of yesteryear.

Carnival Cups breathes new life into a staple of the funfair from years ago and does it in style without the need to fool the player, being as it is a 100 percent skill-based game.

And UDC promo is enthusiastic indeed: “Are your eyes fast enough to see where your cup ended up? Is the eye quicker than the electronic hand? You’ll need to give it a go to find out.”



Despatch from Jonathan Lauder, UDC sales director, from EAG, London

“Here we go again! Having spent the whole weekend at Excel the UDC stand looks and feels like the perfect FEC.

“All of the UDC equipment has been greatly received with Tuesday being a very busy day on the stand. Most popular machines have been the cranes Toy Box and the Poke N Drop cranes, the Wild West 2020 and Fast Gunman shooting games, and the Carnival Cups redemption unit.

“We now are looking forward to a great Wednesday and Thursday. Come and join us for a Coffee and walk around a great FEC with the most exciting equipment at this years EAG.”


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