Sound Leisure and Soundnet’s vision for 2020

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Sound Leisure have announced new Milestones In Music upgrade and contactless kits for Vhub and Milestone.


The new easy to fit PCs feature a updated Milestones In Music package with the Album Chart and other exclusives from the Official Chart Company plus optional access to the Soundnet Unlimited music library of 5 million songs. Available for use on all Sound Leisure jukeboxes, these upgrade kits will potentially change the jukebox landscape in 2020 by offering an option for operators looking for a reliable solution at a cheaper cost.

Chris Black of Sound Leisure explained: “These new upgrade PCs allow operators to very cheaply and easily upgrade and refactor older jukeboxes to an enhanced version of the powerful and popular Milestones In Music platform. We know that NSM have been offering conversion kits to some of our customers, but many operators have continually requested an option direct from Sound Leisure, the original product manufacturer. We are really pleased with the new upgrade PCs and software. The hardware is easy to fit and comes with a one-year warranty and the fact is Milestones In Music really ticks boxes for operators as it remains a hugely popular jukebox platform across the UK. With the optional online access to Soundnet Unlimited music library, I expect these upgrade kits will be very popular.”

Soundnet TouchTunes will be offering these upgrade PCs at a discounted rate. James Luck of Soundnet TouchTunes said: “These new upgrade kits are a perfect option for customers looking to improve their jukebox offer without spending thousands on a new jukebox. The TouchTunes Angelina is the best jukebox in the UK with average income almost 40 percent greater than other jukes, so it’s the only option for your best sites. But, for other less lucrative sites and for customers looking for a more cost effective solution, these new upgrade kits will be a great option.”

Milestones in Music enables 30,000 standard audio tracks including every Top 40 chart track since 1952, with access to over 5 million tracks on demand.

In addition to these upgrade kits Sound Leisure have also developed contactless payment options for VHub and Milestones In Music jukeboxes. The new contactless kits sit behind the existing glass on the VHub jukebox and can be supplied with a fresh, new glass for Milestones in Music jukeboxes.

This ensures the contactless reader can also be mounted internally on Milestones machines and offers a total refresh of aged MIM cabinets. Chris Black of Sound Leisure said: “We all know that contactless is the future, so with these new kits we are offering contactless to jukeboxes that may have been onsite for a decade or more. Retro fit contactless units are more usually ‘bolted on’ the outside of the cabinet, but these new options make contactless an integral part of the jukebox. With the additional new glass option for Milestones In Music jukes it really does make the jukebox look like new.”

Operators should visit the TouchTunes Sound Leisure stand at EAG to see the new upgrade and contactless kits. Or contact Soundnet for more details.


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