JM Amusement Machines to make debut at EAG

JM Amusement Machines EAG
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Just six months after being founded, JM Amusement Machines will take to EAG with a wide selection of machines for the UK market, with director Jacob O’Hare stating it’s already time to take the firm “to the next level.”


JM Amusement Machines, a new independent supplier of new and used coin operated equipment, will take to Cosmic Leisure Ltd’s stand at EAG to mark its official launch in the amusement market.

The novelty game specialist, founded by Jacob O’Hare in July of last year, will showcase

Ticket Monster
Ticket Monster

pusher concepts from SWD and Eurotek at this year’s event, alongside machines from Electrocoin and Coin Games.

“I have spent the majority of 2019 cutting my teeth, in terms of learning about all aspects of novelty/redemption equipment and establishing relationships with machine suppliers and customers alike,” said O’Hare.

“Now I have my gaming licence I am hungry to take this to the next level by way of supplying, and refurbishing new and used equipment. I am a great believer that in order to move forwards with new products, we need to work closely with our customer operators, and the great British public, who are ultimately our paymasters.”

“We are in the entertainment industry, customers are what we rely on, and if you keep a customer happy they return, and we all make more money.”

With a focus on keeping what the customer wants at the heart of its offering, O’Hare is keen to ensure JM Amusement Machines keeps one step ahead of demand, monitoring the trends shaping how operators buy, and how customers play.

“I think that trends have changed over the past couple of years and I feel the industry is heading in the direction of more family interactive games, whereby the whole family can get involved as one.”

“I use the four-player pusher concept as proof of this, where the whole family play together. In addition I think operators are looking for value for money, where the return is great for a smaller outlay.”

Though catering to how the modern market plays will be key to driving sales, O’Hare is also conscious that new businesses need new customers, stating “over the next 12 months I intend to increase my customer base by travelling all over the country meeting new people.”

“I also want JM Amusement Machines to become established as a reliable source for new and used equipment, whereby customer service is always at the heart of my priorities.”

Super Soldier Ball Shooter Capsule
Super Soldier Ball Shooter Capsule

Customer service will also sit alongside JM’s desire to see the industry flourish, with O’Hare calling for reduced legislation within the arcade environment as a means to help sector growth.

“I would like deregulation on certain categories, with regards family entertainment equipment, as ultimately it is not gambling, it’s fun, and the tax on this should be relative to the income.”

“I would also like all members of Bacta to push the regulatory bodies for the same industry changes, giving more transparency to all arcade operators, which would increase membership.”

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