Innov8 to keep the games flowing after strong Christmas start

Innov8 Gaming Alastair Harris
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Innov8 Gaming recorded a successful first Christmas period in the pub market as players increasingly engaged with its brand new content. CEO Alastair Harris spoke to Coinslot about the Birmingham-based manufacturers plans for EAG and the year ahead.


Coinslot: It’s the end of your first calendar year as a launched company. How far has Innov8 Gaming come in the last 12 months?

Alastair Harris, CEO of Innov8 Gaming: Up until October it was all development with complete focus on the products, so the business has had to transition from development to commercial. The main focus for us at the moment, as well as working on new content, is getting ourselves out there. We’ve now got a decent amount of machines in the marketplace in a short space of time, and as our performance has grown it’s been really encouraging, with each week bringing an increase in cash box for our products.

At first Innov8 was something new and slightly overwhelming with new cabinets and 14 new games they hadn’t seen before but now play has settled, the figures as a result are rising and rising steadily each month, and for us, that is a great sign that the players have taken to our content and are enjoying what we have to offer.

CS: What kind of feedback have you received since ACOS and how will this influence your decisions in 2020?

AH: Feedback has been positive, both in the pub market with customers who have seen our products keep up with the market leaders over Christmas, and in the AGC market with potential customers showing their interest in our partial eclipse mini cabinets and APEX AGC menu. For 2020, the main thing focus will be keeping our menus fresh with new content. We have three new games that are going to be released in February on our Supernova menu. All of our customers who already have the pub products on site will receive that update, and anyone taking delivery of the products will have it included. To keep players entertained and coming back for more is of paramount importance for a healthy cashbox and we will be updating regularly throughout the year with a steady stream of high quality games.

CS: Coming right at the start of the year, what opportunities does EAG provide exhibitors? How will Innov8’s approach to event differ from that of ACOS?

AH: The difference between ACOS and EAG is that a few people will have heard of us before ACOS – we’ve all been in the industry for a while – but at EAG we have machines in the market and great performances to back it up. We also have the finalised AGC menu, which is something we are eager to show people at the event.

After ACOS, more people will be familiar with what we do at EAG. I think we’ll have a busy stand, and hopefully the majority of operators will have us on their schedule for a demonstration. As always, these events are a great opportunity to speak face to face with customers and confirm repeat orders, as well as to open some new accounts with potential customers that we know would benefit from our products. We’re also going to be showing the new content we have on the stand, so existing customers will have the first glimpse of that. We’ve been building machines ready for the influx of orders and we are optimistic it will go well.

CS: What do you think the major talking points will be at EAG? Will the industry will be optimistic for the year ahead, particularly in the pub and AGC markets which you supply?

AH: I think the industry is optimistic. There are many forces at play, but I think the driving ones are the great new products entering the market and operators reinvesting in their businesses. These are two things the industry can control and I think we are doing a great job across the board.

Of course, cashless is going to be as big of a talking point as ever, and while the industry has made great progress in 2019, there are still quite a few systems on the market and a unanimous favourite is yet to emerge. We are sitting on the fence until that happens, but we will make our machines compatible with whichever systems the industry decides to support.

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