Wexel launching BingoPad at EAG

Bingopad Wexel Gaming
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At this year’s EAG Wexel will be ringing in the new year with the launch of two products. The company is keeping one under lock and key until the industry-leading show but has shed some light on innovative BingoPad solution.


“BingoPad is a hand held mobile device that is space saving and gives you the ability to offer: Bingo, fun games and our new concept, Jive Bingo, all in a very professional way at a very low cost,” commented Sean Young, managing director of Wexel Gaming and Leisure Electronics.

The BingoPad can seamlessly connect to in-house screen and sound systems via the Wexel Hotspot adapter meaning that installation is a simple, low-cost prospect and represents great value for money.

“You can then run all the standard variations of bingo that your customers would expect like 1-75, 1-80, 1-90 with the added ability to set up a custom range. We also have built in ticket check that is currently compatible with the popular Jumbo Ticket range from syndicate ticket supplies,” added Young.

The BingoPad additionally includes a highly configurable full colour digital raffle facility and a tote system. “What we believe, really sets the BingoPad apart though, is the Jive bingo feature where you can play the highly immersive Musical Bingo game. The BingoPad currently comes with two genres of music, “Club Classics” and “Golden Oldies”, with the ability to add different genres in the future,” continued Young.

“Each Jive Bingo ticket consists of 10 unique combinations of songs. A song is played for up to 30 second intervals with a clue to the songs title prior to title been been displayed on the screens, with a verified ticket check system built in.

Don’t just take our word on how good BingoPad is Call in to our stand – 330 at EAG for a demonstration.”

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