United Distributing Company: Stacking up nicely

UDC Toy Stack Crane
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UDC has just announced its new “Toy Stack” double decker crane this month, which can be seen on their stand at EAG 2020.


Designed with clean crisp lines and available in either black or white models, the cabinet and is finished off with pink high-lights – UDC’s signature colour. What makes the Toy Stack stand out from the pack is how the crane fits two games into the footprint of one crane, by placing one crane on top of another – so two claws, two sets of controls, two coin mechanisms, two cash boxes – two of everything. Operators can even set the price of play for each crane independently for different prizes if they so desire.

The brightly-lit playfield includes clear shelves at the rear for displaying additional prizes as a showcase and the rear window helps show off prizes 360 degrees, to attract players from every direction.

Younger players will love the low-level playfield with controls down where they can see everything and teens and adults will gravitate towards the ‘upper deck’.

The player controls are staggered left and right to allow two customers to play at once without getting in the way of each other. Squeezing two machines in one cabinet one provides twice the opportunities where space may be limited or expensive.

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