NSM’s new Co-Pilot software ready for 2020 take off

NSM Co-Pilot EAG
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Pioneering jukebox manufacturer NSM Music have released more details on their new Co-Pilot software – describing it as a ‘digital cockpit for engineers, landlords and operators’.


Co-Pilot is NSM’s new jukebox management App, available via Apple or Google Play Stores, which is designed to assist customers on the go.

NSM’s Co-Pilot provides fingertip access to features previously only available via the jukebox service screen and devices’ remote control.

It offers three levels of access, each backed up with cutting edge security: Entry level ‘Location’ offers Landlords remote control over their estate and the ability to create ads from the comfort of a smartphone using one of NSM’s Ad Manager templates. These messages can be fully customised and sent to jukebox screens immediately/ according to a predefined schedule. ‘Location’ also offers the option of pausing and rejecting songs, powering off and rebooting equipment as well as controlling volume.

The mid-level ‘Engineer’ setting allows technical support to check jukebox connections and discover which devices are in an error state, haven’t connected to the NSM network recently or need to be tended to immediately. ‘Engineer’ allows users to adjust settings remotely whilst also receiving alerts for power downs, overheating and door opens.

The top-level ‘Operator/ Collector’ security setting allows all of the above plus access to financial data, to location details and controls while offering the ability to view and manage all jukeboxes including money collections. ‘Operator/Collector’ also offers a SatNav type service which maps out the fastest routes for multiple site visits. This security clearance offers the facility to add and edit location manager and allow onsite access to Ad Manager and more.

Co-Pilot is backed up by a bespoke web portal on which jukeboxes can be managed in real time, providing data on processor and signal strength, machine take and usage times.

NSM’s Co-Pilot app is compatible with the new NSM Curve (making a show debut at EAG) TS2-upgrades are also available as a free upgrade to all Lightning and Thunder jukeboxes.

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