Milestones In Music and the Angelina to take centre stage at EAG

Angelina Music EAG Toby Hoyte
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Toby Hoyte, of Soundnet TouchTunes, explains how Soundnet and Sound Leisure are helping operators to make the most from their music offering


Coinslot: What are the highlights on your stand at January’s EAG?

Toby Hoyte: There are a number of significant highlights designed to help operators maximise their income from their jukes and, in addition help them to secure the very best sites. First and foremost we will have the world’s greatest juke, the Angelina. This is the highest earning juke on the market and is loved by people on both sides of the bar, by operators, by PubCos and by the customers themselves. Income is approximately 40 percent above the national average and the Angelina has helped operators to secure high earning premium sites.

The qualities of the Angelina in terms of its interface and access to 1 million profiled tracks complements the latest digital gaming solutions that are now well established as part of the pub experience. In partnership with Sound Leisure, we are also relaunching Milestones In Music with a new PC upgrade. ‘Re-mixed’ for 2020 the initiative which is being launched at EAG will enable operators to upgrade their Milestones as well as convert other jukes to the new Milestone experience. Add the unique access we have to both the Official Album and the Official Singles charts and the Unlimited music service that’s being provided totals some 4 million tracks – an unbeatable range of choice for any pub. Further highlights include contactless solutions for both the Milestones and V-Hub jukes. This features a new glass for the Milestone which enables the contactless reader to sit behind the screen. This gives the opportunity for operators to reinvest in their existing business in order to offer their sites a modern experience. The industry’s best known and most loved jukes are all backed by a comprehensive customer service support.

CS: How did trading fair during 2019 and what were your company’s stand-out moments?

TH: The Angelina has sold very well, we’ve had substantial orders and the juke has gone into some interesting sites. Above all the Angelina has become the gold standard for jukes and the benchmark by which all other jukeboxes are judged – most significantly this relates to the cash box and no one can argue with the figures the Angelina has been registering on a consistent basis week in and week out.

CS: Forecast: What will be your key areas of focus over the coming 12 months?

TH: In addition to the clear business objective of building the customer base by addressing the issues impacting the profitable operation of jukes we will be working hard to raise the profile of music and to underline the role music plays. Music industry research conducted by the BPI showed that UK recorded music revenues rose by over 20 percent in three years with streaming subscription revenues up by 220 percent driven by Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and YouTube. The UK population loves music and there’s a genuine affection for the best quality juke to deliver atmosphere and build footfall. In many cases a site will often care more about the jukebox than its AWPs and there’s a saying ’to get the fruit deal with the juke.’

The flip side is true with some operators losing their fruit machine sites because they are offering a poor quality juke. Most successful operators recognise that the jukebox is an integral part of what they offer – this is a mind set that we want to encourage and in the process to bring a quality music experience back to the fore. That’s our 2020 vision for jukeboxes.

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