Inspired to present Community Kings in the nation’s capital

Inspired EAG Community Kings - Charmed Community EAG
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This is an exciting year for Inspired; a new opportunity for the global gaming and entertainment group to unleash its inspiration and make its mark on the UK landscape. This will start at next week’s EAG where Inspired meet the market with a premier portfolio that will undoubtedly lead the way, with Prismatic continuing its revolution with a new series of compendiums in Uber, an exciting new game in Charmed delivered on the new Prismatic Vert cabinet and an impressive new launch in Community Kings.


The philosophy for 2020 at Inspired’s UK arm is simple: give the players what they want, in the way that they want it. It’s what the group brands such as Astra, Bell-Fruit and Bulldog have been delivering consistently to the market, but the momentum is stepping up in pace.

At EAG next week, two key themes will be emerging out of the ‘Inspired: Essential Entertainment’ banner: the best in delivery and aesthetics.

Astra will be a centre-piece of Inspired’s first expo stand on the UK stage, and why not, its Prismatic revolution has transformed the finances of single site and pub operators up and down the country to the tune of some £10-12 million in extra cashbox revenue last year alone.

That potency will be in full force at EAG, understandably, with the company “challengingPrismatic the norm of traditional AGC layouts”. By that, the answer will become patently clear on a visit to the Inspired stand at ExCeL where Prismatic versions of LoBoy will be displayed in hexagonal, octagonal, with infills, flex infills; you name it, Inspired will be showing it in all aesthetic variations conceivable for an operator.

But it won’t just be the variety and style; expect to see a digital revolution from the Inspired group too. Next week will mark the launch of the compendium Uber, the new menu for the LoBoy cabinet, as well as Vert, an exciting new cabinet style of Category C machine featuring two new game concepts Charmed and Lazer Wheel.

Staying with Category C, there will be a significant new launch in the shape of the three player Community Kings, building on the high acclaim of the company’s immensely popular Reel King.

As well as the traditional features of the original, Community Kings includes new community- based features that allow players to participate together across the row of three seamless screens. These include a number of features that are brought to life on the impressive screens for maximum impact.

And it’s this feature-rich, aesthetically pleasing content that has become the norm for the group, with Prismatic setting the standard as the go to cabinet for delivery of premium content.

“Following on from the unprecedented success of the Prismatic range of products across all business sectors, AGC, bingo and single site, 2020 sees the digital portfolio strengthened and broadened with the unveiling of a range of new cabinets, layouts and content to give operators maximum choice,” said Tony Glanville. “These new products are the result of increased demand for a varied and diverse offering, with operators aiming to deliver a gaming experience that is unique and can’t be replicated on smart phones or online.”

Indeed, the high quality of the group’s digital games combined with the comfort and range of its cabinet designs present a strong USP that low stake gaming operators can utilise against online competition. With heavy investment in research and design, the company has stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging technology to ensure its customers can continue to meet the ever-increasing demands of players.”

“Keeping up with the natural evolution of technology presents more opportunities to use different size screens in different formats, which gives different canvases for our developers to work on,” continued Glanville. “We’ve also introduced a flexible range of infills that will fit between any of the Prismatic range to give a “polished” look to the layout achieving the maximum aesthetic impact. It can be a small touch, but our products are designed to be in line with the ‘high end’ approach that more and more operators are adopting for their high street locations, giving more of a casino feel that appeals to existing players but opens up to new clientele.”

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