Crown lines up showpiece EAG debuts

Haunted House Crown Leisure Dean Harding EAG
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Crown Leisure will be debuting a range of exciting new products at EAG, from the latest iterations of classic pushers to cutting-edge virtual reality units.


The Haunted House eight-player pusher from Harry Levy will be making its UK debut at EAG and is set to be a stand-out product for the year ahead.

The free-standing round unit is an unmissable installation with its bright livery and towering light-up topper. Fitted with additional ticket payout the Haunted House eight-player can seamlessly fit into a venue’s redemption estate as well as providing stand-alone pusher excitement.

With its four-player counterpart already posting positive figures on site, the stand alone eight-player round variant will be a showpiece addition to any FEC.

“We’re excited to show people at EAG the Haunted House eight-player,” commented Crown Leisure managing director Dean Harding.

“It’s unmissable on the arcade floor and offers operators that classic pusher engagement with the added bonus of ticket payout. Match that with the quality and reliability that Harry Levy is known for and it is sure to be a hit this season.”

Crown Leisure will also be giving a UK debut to Ultra Moto VR from UNIS. The two-player motorbike racer is enhanced by the addition of virtual reality headsets and life-like haptic feedback.

“You just have to try Ultra Moto VR at EAG, it’s awesome,” commented Harding.

“We have got a unit on test at the moment and the customer response has been incredible. Ultra Moto really takes VR to that next level. You’ve got video racing action enhanced by the latest in virtual reality technology, we’ve been blown away by it and customers are loving it.”

Ultra Moto VR takes video racers to a whole new level with unmissable cabinet design, and engaging gameplay. Whilst players are immersed in the action with VR headset, twin 43” LCD screens allow the whole venue to experience the cutting-edge graphics and exciting gameplay.

Uptake of attendant-free virtual reality units has been growing steadily over the past 18 months and shows little sign of slowing. “Since VR really entered the market we have seen more and more operators won over. Going into 2020 it is only going to get bigger. Products like Ultra Moto VR are unlike anything else out there, it’s the next step in VR amusements,” concluded Harding.

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