Spin Gaming brings VIP Casino twin screen range to EAG

Spin Gaming VIP casino EAG
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Spin Gaming will bring a host of new products to EAG this year, citing 2020 as a positive year for the Welsh firm, while delivering “a wider choice of games to the player.”


Spin Gaming will return to EAG this year bringing with it a selection of new games and compendiums designed to enhance operators’ Cat C and B3/B4 cabinets. Following a year marked by unsubstantiated queries regarding Roulette compliance, managing director Alan Parker is keen to see the exposition mark a more positive twelve months.

“The highlights will be the new VIP Casino twin screen range with new compendium of games available in Cat C or B3/B4 format that includes new Roulette and Poker games.

These games are available in the 24” Titan or new 27” twin screen Goliath cabinets.” “Game compendiums rather than single games continue to make strides in the market and Roulette style games are also gathering momentum.”

With roulette set to pick up during 2020, Spin Gaming will also look to see a return to form for its roulette offering, following a year marred by lack of clarity in the regulatory space.

“Trading was somewhat patchy mainly due to some unfounded rumours regarding the compliance of Roulette style games,” said Parker. “New gamble feature guidelines issued by The Gambling Commission now brings clarification on this so operators can now purchase these games with confidence.”

With trading in line to improve throughout the year, Spin gaming is also looking to premier a range of products, with Parker stating “the key focus areas for 2020 will be new innovative products, particularly Roulette and Poker style games. These will offer a wider choice of games to the player.”

Though Parker may be content about the trajectory for Spin Gaming following EAG, he is keen to see regulators and the government address several issues very much on the mind of the industry, sure to form key talking points at the show.

“Due to the country rapidly moving towards a cashless society we must continue to push for debit/credit card payments to be an acceptable method of play.”

“The three things the government needs to sort out are permitting debit/credit cards to be used for play even if amounts are limited, paying more attention to online gaming instead of coin operated games, and relaxing some of the restrictions applied to Category C and B games.”

Parker added that alongside the government doing its bit to benefit the industry, the industry must do the same, stating “we must continue to work with the Gambling Commission/DCMS on social responsibility issues.”

Beside the inevitable debates that will occur at EAG around these issues, Parker is positive about one long-term and controversial discussion point – Brexit, stating Spin Gaming will see “very little change” when Britain does eventually leave the European Union.

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