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Nicola Wallbank Blueprint Operations cabinets
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Nicola Wallbank, Head of Corporate Accounts at Blueprint Operations, explains the brand’s commitment to delivering the very best cabinets, the very best games and the very best in customer service.


Coinslot Review: What are the highlights on your stand at January’s EAG?

Nicola Wallbank: We are using EAG to launch the Auroramax which will be making it’s world debut on the Blueprint stand. Stand out features of the Auroramax include additional screen size courtesy of dual 31.5” HD screens delivering pinpoint clarity and the ability to provide players with immersive and engaging game graphics on the edge-to-edge screens. It also features a Video Deck (v-deck) button panel with a 12” wide screen. The addition of a third screen is another method of communicating with and interfacing with the player. As well as being TiTO ready, the precision quality of the build also features the Merkur MD100 Gold Recycler as well as the new Quixant 6000 quad core PC. In terms of launches, we will also be showing the long awaited Ted premium licensed game across B3 and Cat C including AGC and pub sectors. We will also be showcasing the Alphamax (single site / Cat CAGC product) along with the Wave high end, B3 for AGC’s. As you can see it will be a busy stand packed with exciting premium quality gaming entertainment. We are constantly striving to deliver the very best games in the very best cabinets which will be evident at EAG.

CSR: How did trading fair during 2019 and what were your company’s stand-out moments?

Nicola Wallbank: ACOS was a great show for us. We used it to launch two new cabinets which got a fantastic response from our customer s and the industry at large. It provided us with a platform from which to move forward which was manifest in a strong Q4 with continued customer support and a strong order book. We knew that 2019 was going to be a challenging year and we were very happy with our performance both in financial terms and sales volumes.

CSR: What will be your key areas of focus over the coming 12 months?

Nicola Wallbank: We will continue to optimise our customer base courtesy of the best in German quality cabinets and Blueprint content. There will be a clear focus on the Bingo sector delivering the entertainment and the experience that bingo players want. In addition to delivering outstanding product we are also committed to delivering outstanding service. To achieve this we are laying strong foundations by strengthening our Account Management team in order to ensure that we are putting our customers first, listening to our customers and delivering excellence in customer service.

CSR: What kinds of regulatory changes are you looking for to help drive your business forward?

Nicola Wallbank: Cashless is obviously a very big issue for the business but in general terms we are seeking a regulatory framework which allows game content innovation to continue and to thrive. We are in the entertainment industry – after all.

CSR: If you were asked for three things the government needs to sort out for you now, what would they be?

Nicola Wallbank: If we were restricted to three topics or issues I would seek: greater industry key holder engagement, a solution to cashless payments that meets the requirements of all stakeholders and a proper review of stakes and prizes.

CSR: With the UK’s exit from the EU now determined, how will this affect your business processes and plans going forward?

Nicola Wallbank: Obviously we manufacturer machines in Germany therefore who knows what delays and challenges we could face, however we have been planning this for many months now and Nadia Volosina who runs our Operations is all over the planning ensuring we are a step ahead of Number 10 to ensure we are doing our upmost to continue delivering customer excellence.

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