Cummins Allison brings JetScan iFX i-400 range to EAG

Paul Clay Cummins Allison EAG
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Despite claims a cashless society could be on the horizon, Cummins Allison Sales Manager Paul Clay maintains that “the process still starts and ends with cash,” as the company brings its JetScan iFX i-400 to EAG 2020, showcasing its multi-pocket note sorting capabilities.


EAG 2020 will see cash handling specialist Cummins Allison showcase its JetScan iFX i-400 range, putting the needs of amusement industry operators centre stage as cash continues to remain a popular payment method for customers across the UK.

Alongside its currency sorting products, the Cummins Corporation subsidiary will also bring a wealth of experience to the show, guiding visitors and customers through the changing future of cash, cashless and TITO across the industry.

“This year, after much interest in multi-pocket note sorting from numerous clients within the gaming sector, we have decided to exhibit our JetScan iFX i-400 range that enables the operator to denominate, authenticate, sort, batch, face and orient in one pass all at 1000 notes per minute,” said Paul Clay, sales manager.. “This not only applies to notes, but also enables those operating TITO to off-sort and count the tickets from the notes.”

With TITO continuing to prove a payment process of choice for many arcades, EAG will also provide the perfect opportunity for Cummins Allison to continue discussions with clients about the developing opportunities of ticketing.

“TITO seems to continue to come up in conversation and how best to reconcile and account for TITO in their cash processes. We also get asked repeatedly about the rumours of becoming a cashless society.”

“Whilst it is clear that there has definitely been a move towards cashless processes within the gaming industry, we are finding that, despite this, the process still starts and ends with cash, even though there may be the use of a ticket in between those transactions.”

Cummins Allison’s appearance at EAG will also mark the culmination of a successful and profitable year for the company, following similar positive performance the year prior as new cash developments drove trade.

“After what was a very busy trading period leading up to and during the launch of the new £1 coin and polymer notes, we were expecting a significant dip in sales in 2019. We were also expecting the uncertainty with Brexit to have an effect, which seemed to be the case at the beginning of the year.”

“For the second half of the year, however, we experienced the opposite as confidence seemed to return and we had a very busy second half to 2019. We will continue to work closely with our clients and operators within the industry to ensure that we continue to adapt to their requirements and cash-processing needs.”

Looking ahead to 2020, the firm’s proven experience in delivering effective solutions to changing bank notes will stand Cummins Allison in good stead, with yet more polymer releases planned.

“Polymer notes remain to be a focus with the new £20 polymer note being introduced in February and the £50 polymer note not that far behind.”

As with all businesses operating in the UK industry, the changing face of continental trade will also pose questions over the next twelve months, with Clay observing that Brexit “will remain an important topic, and the repercussions that it may hold.”

“As a subsidiary of Cummins Corporation USA, where the majority of our product range is manufactured, and a supplier of cash-processing solutions to the UK and Ireland, we don’t envisage this affecting our plans significantly going forward, except for possibly a slight delay to deliveries due to increased customs checks.”

Together with the potential posed by new note developments, and an undimmed demand for cash handling solutions, that flexibility in delivering products post-Brexit should stand Cummins Allison in good stead for 2020.

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