Retro arcade at former Blackpool casino site

Retro Arcade to open Blackpool
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A large retro arcade is to be opened in Blackpool at the site of two former casinos.


The Arcade Club venture will open in a premises on Bloomfield Road, previously occupied by the Sam Thai and Paris casinos.

The site will feature around 200 retro gaming installations and is tentatively slated for a February 2020 opening.

Andy Palmer, owner of Arcade Club, was hopeful that the site’s mix of unique units would set it apart from other gaming sites in Blackpool.

“We buy gaming machines which you don’t see any more and restore them so people can come and enjoy the games of their youth,” he said.

“Years ago Blackpool was the place to go and play these games, but there are none of these old-style arcades left anymore.”

The company already operates similar sites in Leeds and Bury where visitors pay a flat entrance fee for all-day access with games then free to play.

“What we are offering is that experience which is different to the modern arcades so we are not muscling in on their business. There will be no fruit machines or gambling.”

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