Seven zones planned for London’s long running saga of new theme park

London Resort
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New images and details have been released of the massive new London theme park which has been billed as Britain’s home-grown version of Disneyland.


Construction work is set to begin on the multi-billion pound London Resort in 2021, with a massive site earmarked on the Swanscombe Peninsula, by the River Thames.

Domestic IP from both the BBC and ITV has already been acquired for rides and thematics, with US movie studio Paramount Pictures also signed up as a brand partner.

According to the latest leaked information on the project, the park will be the size of over 130 Wembley Stadiums, and will be split into differently themed zones such as The Kingdom, The Jungle, and The Woods.

A first stage of the park is to be opened to the public by 2024, when seven unique “island” zones will be primed and ready. A second phase of construction will see the realisation of a separate, on-site waterpark.

When work is finally completed in 2029, London Resort will be the country’s largest theme park, with a secondary objective of also being the most sustainable destination of its kind.

“We are creating a first class theme park…a destination that maximises all the new, immersive and interactive technologies and experiences in the world,” said London Resort Company CEO PY Gerbeau. “We won’t just be creating a world class leisure destination, it will also be one of the most sustainable theme parks on the planet.”

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