JCM:The three pillars of service

Christian Huisgen JCM
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Specialist support and on-site training can help operators make the most of new and existing devices – maximising estate earnings and minimising downtime, comments Christian Huisgen, JCM customer care center manager EMEA.


Coinslot: After sales and service is one of those features that is both vital and overlooked at the same time? How have JCM managed to change perceptions on this and what makes you a leader in this field?

Christian Huisgen: “The awareness of the importance of after sales and services is there, but some people may have to be reminded of it, indeed. At JCM we are proud for our service and feel it is a real benefit of what we supply to customers. A new device on its own won’t help your business succeed if there are struggles with the implementation and maintenance due to a lack of qualified support.

“Our service is based on three pillars: First we provide guided product integration and training on site or according to the specific demands to grant operators the capability to minimise unnecessary service and repairs. Secondly we maintain intensive and regular customer contact to ensure a high level of service and lastly, we immediately share important news and updates with our customers via email or in our service portal.”

CS: Currently what after sales services are you seeing the most demand for, and why? Be it remote assistance/call outs?

CH: “Speaking specifically for our business, we see a huge demand for on-site assistance for the purposes of the before mentioned product integration or product training. This is a particular topic which we are finding operators require help with more than others. Speaking generally, we see a high demand for comprehensive service availability that goes along with the importance to avoid costly downtimes.”

CS: What else as a company do you offer post-purchase?

CH: “JCM offers extensive qualified personal support. We work hard at delivering excellent customer experiences by carefully listening to the individual needs of our customers, because we aim to provide them with solutions that meet their specific needs. In addition, the scope of our download portal for firmware, software tools and documentations stands out among everything else in this business and is available 24/7, 365 days a year.”

CS: With the development of more sophisticated systems, how is the nature of after sales service changing and evolving?

CH: “The result is a growing importance for service, both on site and remote assistance. As mentioned earlier we are striving to prepare our customers best to help themselves to reduce downtimes. Especially for System Solutions JCM offers an intensive training.”

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