Nayax UK: Nurture customer relations for long term engagement

nayax Monyx Wallet App
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Six months on from its official launch the Monyx Wallet 2.0 payment app from Nayax has been driving on-site user engagement with its expanded range of capabilities.


For operators of unattended, automated businesses using Nayax cashless payment solutions, this marketing platform enables digitisation of retail marketing concepts, offering consumers engaging campaigns with rewarding saving opportunities.

With a direct channel to communicate with consumers, operators can offer first-rate customer service and turn one-time consumers into regular customers.

Monyx Wallet gives consumers the option to pay with their phones at Nayax-integrated machines and opens payment up to those who aren’t carrying cash.

Available for free on the Google Play store and iTunes, consumers can use the app to track their purchases and also gain a host of loyalty benefits, including discounts, punch cards, cash back and bonus credit.

These benefits can be applied to all sorts of unattended businesses including amusements, kiddie rides, vending machines and retail kiosks.

Operators can easily manage and customise campaigns with Nayax’s Management Suite and track each campaign’s success. With Monyx Wallet, operators are able to digitise their refund process, saving time and reducing operational costs.

Third-party loyalty apps can also benefit from Monyx Wallet’s payment and engagement features via a SDK framework, which integrates Nayax’s digital wallet capabilities into existing apps.

Yair Nechmad, CEO, Nayax, commented: “Nayax believes relationships are key to retaining regular customers. A boost in sales is beneficial for any business but repeat business is better for long term success.

“For consumers at unattended machines the business owner is anonymous – Monyx Wallet’s marketing tools help operators develop more of a relationship with their consumers, and support operators in promoting their business. By nurturing loyalty operators set themselves up for a future with consistent revenue.”

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