Two Cherries: Leading the pack, but still open for collaboration

Howard Gant Two Cherries
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Set to be on more than 4,000 machines over the turn of the year, Two Cherries is leading the charge to provide the industry with a single cashless payments solution, with director Howard Gant explaining that the simplicity and security of the multi-functional app-based system has impressed both operators and retailers.


Coinslot: What has been the industry’s response to your cashless solution so far this year? How do you think that will translate into operator uptake and player adoption?

Howard Gant: We’ve received fantastic feedback so far. At ACOS, we demonstrated our secure and fully functional solution to all the key pub chains, as well as to AGC operators and many single site operators.

The general response was that for them Two Cherries is a complete solution, a CRM system with a vast amount of functionality, an asset management solution to easily add machines to the database and most importantly a secure solution not requiring retrofit hardware.

It’s too early to say what cashless payments will mean in AGCs and single site premises as its still in its infancy, but as many expected we are seeing encouraging player adoption which will only increase with further awareness. We aim to be on more than 4000 machines in the next few months, so we will see the longer term difference in the cashbox then.

What contributions can cashless systems make when it comes to data? How can operators make the most of the vast amounts of information that can be collected by Two Cherries?

HG: Two Cherries gathers all sessional data from both analogue and digital terminals and collects player data from sign up and throughout the customer journey, as well as integrating seamlessly with cash collection and machine management systems.

However, what operators want to know is that the data they envisage will be relevant and available so that they can use it to drive business. The wide range of data Two Cherries provides can help operators paint a clear picture of how their customers interact with their machines, informing their operational and product decisions and allowing them to understand and influence player behaviour going forward. The effectiveness with which the industry utilises data over the next decade will be key to its long term success, and Two Cherries makes this easier due to the depth and granularity of information it provides.

Do app-based systems make increasing player protection and social responsibility measures easier? Will Two Cherries contribute to creating a safer gaming landscape?

HG: At the risk of answering a question with a question: What’s safer; a pocket full of cash from an ATM, or a multi-step smartphone application with a whole host of functional tools to help the player set limits, monitor spend, and alert them to changes in their behaviour?

The rise of EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) solutions essentially creates voluntary player tracking, providing data showing the venues that players visit and spend across all operators.

Building a bigger picture across the Two Cherries platform (rather than a single operator log) will be far more effective in time. We have to remember that for the absolute majority of millions of players gambling is consumed safely and in a controlled manner as a healthy leisure activity. When it comes to payments and social responsibility the industry needs a simple yet effective solution, allowing operators to focus on providing fun and entertainment while driving the overall performance of the industry. We have that solution fully developed and working in the field.

There has been a lot of talk at recent trade shows around the creation of an industry-standard payment solution, do you see this as a possibility?

HG: Two Cherries set out with the clear intention and objective to create a single industry solution. The industry recognises that this is what’s best for both operators and players.

Following our announcement, industry stakeholders including Bacta have been invited to be part of this industry wide solution, however they have chosen to produce a parallel solution of their own.

It remains our belief that a single solution has so many obvious customer, operator, retailer and manufacturer benefits. While healthy competition is always welcome to us, having more than one solution is not, in our view, putting the player or the industry first.

Ultimately, there will likely only be one solution in the market, and we are still, as always, open to discussions to cooperate towards this goal.

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