How Yalp is setting the gold standard for cashless payments

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John Rozek, Financial Compliance Director at Game Payment Technology, has been staggered by the level of engagement from the industry and argues the case in favour of SR.


Heading into 2020 are we getting to the stage where cashless payment solutions are becoming a must for operators? What has operator feedback been like for your solutions so far this year?

John Rozek: It has been a very intense but highly productive five months since Bacta’s National Council gave the green light to launch Game Payment Technology. The response to the Yalp project has been extremely positive from the outset but the extent and the depth of interest from the entire industry really struck home when we exhibited at the Autumn Coin-Op Show. This was the first occasion that I was able to meet with members of the industry and demonstrate how far we had come with Yalp, listen to their operational needs and outline the road map moving forward. There is a level of genuine engagement that I’ve not necessarily experienced working in other industry sectors. Having a secure cashless payments app has moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have.’ We are in the position of having bacta members asking how they can be involved in the pilot, which is incredibly encouraging. Having the industry’s input provides the practical hands-on insight that all app developers crave and which results in great outcomes.

We live in a data-driven world, how can the use of these systems feedback into site streamlining and operational decision making? Do you offer solutions to best use these analytics?

JR: Yalp will give access to a myriad of anonymised data, which will provide important insights. It’s very important that Game Payment Technology, the joint venture that’s been formed to drive the development, is majority owned by a trade association that represents the industry. The Bacta name is synonymous with trust and integrity and all of the assets are owned by the membership.

Can app-based and card-based systems feed back into player protection and social responsibility measures? Do you see these solutions helping to create a safer gaming landscape?

JR: There’s no doubt that Yalp will enhance the industry’s social responsibility (SR) undertakings and provide players with a bespoke initiative that can be fashioned to suit their specific requirements. The need to incorporate SR capabilities has been at the top of the agenda, even before we started to build the app. Yalp provides players with the ability to set time and spend limits, which enables the individual to take greater personal control in a way that’s appropriate for them. In that sense, it is the opposite to a one size fits all solution and instead delivers a know your customer approach, in which the customer is establishing the level of engagement. We are also incorporating secure biometric technology requirements and promote safer gaming. Yalp players will look into a camera and the system will then estimate their age using biometric technology – there’s no need for players to reveal their date of birth or to provide any additional personal data. Our objective is for Yalp to be recognised for setting the gold standard in SR and player protection.

There has been a lot of talk at recent trade shows around the creation of an industry-standard payment solution, do you see this as a possibility? What are your thoughts on the creation of something along these lines?

JR: It makes huge sense to establish an industry standard or protocol both for the operators and for players. Yalp, which is 51 percent owned by the trade association that represents the industry, is well placed to drive this.

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