Solar solution: Hastings resident proposes arcade energy alternative

Solar panels Hastings
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Following ongoing community resistance to Hastings Borough Council’s proposal to install solar panels in Hastings Country Park, one local resident has seemingly solved the contentious issue with a letter to the Hastings and St Leonards Observer.


HBC’s plans were announced in January, and saw 800 residents sign a petition opposing the scheme, however Penny Beale from Croft Road believes she has single-handedly answered the dilemma – place the panels on amusement arcades.

“Instead of messing up our treasured Country Park, or any Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty or SSSI, why not put solar panels on all amusement arcades?” asked Beale. “There are plenty of them, and most have resisted any Listed Buildings status over the years?”

Though amusement arcade operators are undoubtedly keen to contribute where they can to supporting green energy, fitting effective solar panel systems to mostly single-storey retail units may prove inefficient.

The abstract solution has – unsurprisingly – not picked up much traction with the council, whose £8,000 investigation into alternative energy sources has singled out Crowhurst and Fairlight as potential development sites.

Though MP Amber Rudd has expressed concern over the council’s plans, arcade operators are not encouraged to worry.

With the number of private dwellings in Hastings vastly outweighing the number of arcades, perhaps concerned residents could be convinced to install one solar panel each themselves?

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