Mr P’s aims to prove strong customer service pays off

Mr P's classic amusements strong customer service
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Over the past few decades many arcades have tried and failed in Tonbridge, Kent, but Mr P’s Classic Amusements is thriving.


Writing in their ‘Weekly Waffle’ on Facebook, owners Dave and Amelia Douglas explained how the AGC has been going from strength to strength in 2019, with credit given to staff members for keeping customers happy.

“Back in Kent, Tonbridge has been storming away with growing customer base week on week,” they wrote. “Tonbridge is our smallest arcade, and every arcade there has failed in the site where we are. With our classic games and fantastic customer service from Kev the place is a force. We thank Kev for his continued hard work and passion in delivering our ethos and experience.”

Another key selling point of Mr P’s is its large variety of classic machines. Because of the operator’s huge collection of products, ‘new’ classic games can be brought into its AGCs to keep the selection fresh, while maintaining the old school style.

“Tonbridge is likely to have a rare Global game called ‘Greed’ launched for next weekend. This is a machine I have not seen before and looks interesting with a ‘Hi Spirits’ feel mixed in with another few games of that era,” added the Douglas’.

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